Thursday, 15 June 2017

Poster of the Month, June 2017: Controlling anger in the workplace


Anger doesn't solve anything,
but can destroy everything

Take a deep breath and choose
your words carefully

June's Poster of the Month is about professional conduct when managing anger in the workplace.

A typical workplace employs a diverse range of people with different skills, attitudes and personalities. They may work well together, but that doesn't automatically make them socially compatible, so there could be personality clashes, 
unresolved tension and resentment bubbling under the surface, just waiting for a time to reveal itself. 

With this in mind, it's a good idea for employees to have an understanding of how to recognise and manage their anger.

Five ways to control anger in the workplace

1. Take a deep breath and calm down

Take the opportunity to stop and think before you speak. Walk away from the situation if you have to. This will prevent you from saying anything you might regret later. It will also help to protect your reputation and preserve your working relationships.

2. Think about possible solutions
Think about what is causing your anger and what needs to happen to make you stop feeling that way. It might be something very simple and easy to fix.

3. Express yourself
Anger is a perfectly natural emotion, but while you want to avoid an angry outburst, you also want to avoid bottling it up.Once you feel calm and rational you can talk about what is making you angry, without getting angry. Be assertive and non-confrontational in your approach. Avoid giving criticism or blame and try to focus on problems rather than people. 

4. Don't hold grudges
Holding a grudge can fill you with a sense of bitterness and injustice. Learn to let things go and move on.

5. Exercise regularly
Exercise is a great way to clear your mind and get rid of pent up stresses and frustrations.

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Friday, 10 June 2016

Poster of the Month, June 2016: Preventing foot and ankle injuries


To prevent foot and ankle injuries,
wear sensible shoes and watch your
step – especially on uneven floors

If you find flaws in our floors, please report them

June's Poster of the Month is about preventing foot and ankle injuries in the workplace.

Coincidentally, a couple of months after I researched and wrote the words for this poster, this story came out in the news. It concerned a receptionist who was sent home from her job for refusing to wear high heels.

Her refusal was not without good reason. She claimed that her work involved nine hours on her feet, escorting clients to meeting rooms, and that she would be unable to do this wearing heels.

After posting the details of her experience on Facebook, the receptionist realised that other women had been put in the same position. The women in question were not all in desk jobs. Many were required to stand for long periods; some had to walk long distances, including up and down stairs; some had to carry heavy items; and some even had to run across shiny, slippery floors carrying emergency equipment.

It was after hearing some of these stories that the receptionist decided to start a petition to change the law, so companies can no longer legally insist on high heels as part of their dress code.

What's wrong with sensible, comfortable footwear?

High heels are well known for causing severe discomfort, ankle injuries and posture problems. They can also make you unsteady on your feet, more susceptible to slips and trips and more likely to fall over.

For jobs that involve long periods of standing, walking and carrying, we always recommend flat, comfortable shoes with good treads. Where there are additional threats from falling items or vehicle movements, proper safety shoes with steel toe caps are vital.

Having worked in health and safety for more than ten years, I'm appalled that women are allowed to wear heels in some jobs, let alone forced to.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Poster of the Month, April 2016: Teamwork means working together

We are all in the same boat

But if you are
sticking your oar in
when you should be
pulling your weight
we will never get
the job done

We need to work together to get to where we need to be

April's Poster of the Month is a reminder of the importance of working together and sharing the load.

When you are working to get the job done, there is nothing worse than people interfering and telling you what you're doing, or the way you're doing it, is wrong. This is especially true if these people are supposed to be helping!

Good ideas can often lead to improvements, but there is a time and a place to put those ideas forward and it's not in the middle of a busy shift with deadlines approaching.

The poster is really a gentle reminder that we're all on the same side and that working hard together is the only way to get the job done on time.

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