Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Machine guards: Essential equipment for industrial safety

Machine guards posters
Machine guards posters
Machine safety posters

Updated October 2014

While researching posters for the Kodiak poster programme, I often read stories about people who have been seriously injured after being drawn into moving machinery. Often the circumstances that lead to such accidents are frightfully similar. In almost all cases the accidents could have been easily prevented.

Missing machine guards are a common problem. They may have been removed during maintenance and not replaced; or purposely and permanently removed because they are seen to be 'a nuisance' or 'getting in the way'. Missing guards should be spotted during first-use checks and reported, but all too often this doesn't happen.

Failing to lock out the power is another common mistake, especially when clearing jams or carrying out maintenance mid cycle. Workers often don't realise that if a jam has stopped a machine, as soon as the jam is cleared the machine can start up again without warning.

Even when the power is locked out, workers should still alert colleagues that cleaning or maintenance is underway by tagging out the machine and removing any starting keys.

Kodiak's poster programme regularly covers all of these issues – reminding your employees of the importance of machine guards, first-use checks and lock-out tag-out procedure.

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