Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Customer service: Three good reasons to satisfy your customers

Customer service posters

Customer service posters

Customer service posters

Last month I was involved in a car accident that wasn't my fault. Thankfully no one was hurt, everyone was insured and the driver responsible admitted liability. It should have been straightforward, yet the experience of dealing with my insurance company in the days that followed caused me more distress than the accident itself.

When communications are the most advanced they have ever been it's hard to understand why some companies make it so difficult for their customers to speak to an appropriate person or resolve a simple issue efficiently.

In today's marketplace the Internet offers customers more choice than ever. For many, a new supplier is only a Google search away. So it's more important than ever to treat your existing customers well and here are three reasons why.

1. Satisfied customers will come back

In these difficult financial times companies depend on repeat business. Remember that, in the majority of cases, the cost, time and effort involved in attracting new customers far outweighs that of keeping existing customers happy – however demanding they might be.

2. Satisfied customers will recommend you

Studies show that a happy customer will tell two or three people about their experience with your company. An unhappy customer, however, may tell up to 20 people!

And don't forget, these numbers can increase massively when you factor in Internet forums and online discussions.

3. Your employees will be more satisfied

Employees who are subjected to constant complaints and criticism from customers are more likely to suffer from low morale and poor job satisfaction – especially when they feel powerless or unable to offer a solution.

Improving the customer experience reduces the number of complaints. Making it easier for employees to help unhappy customers and resolve their issues easily is also beneficial to both parties.

A high level of employee morale and job satisfaction makes employees more motivated, more dedicated and more committed to delivering excellence.

Studies show that 80% of customers who complain will continue to deal with the company if their complaint is dealt with satisfactorily. This can rise to more than 90% if the issue is resolved immediately.

Kodiak's motivational poster programme regularly reminds your employees of the importance of customer care and helps them to develop a positive attitude to customers.

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