Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Healthy living: Encouraging a healthier lifestyle

Binge drinking posters
Dental health posters
Obesity posters

In 2009 the average UK worker took 6.4 days off work due to sickness. Although this was an improvement against previous years it still amounted to a total of 180 million sick days at a cost of £16.8 billion to the UK economy. (Source)

In a small to medium-sized business, having workers off sick can lead to a drop in productivity and an increase in stress for other workers who have to fill in.

It makes sense, then, that employers should be concerned about the long-term health and wellness of their employees.

One of the best ways to help your employees to take better care of their health is to educate them. I wonder how many of your employees know the risk factors for developing heart disease. How many understand the health implications of binge drinking. Or how many could recognise the early symptoms of diabetes.

Having that knowledge gives your employees the power to take action, to make healthier choices and to improve their lives. It's good for their health and good for your business.

But employee health is not just about the risk of your employees developing serious and debilitating conditions. It's about the smaller things they can do regularly to safeguard their health, like exercising, eating a balanced diet, sleeping well and booking an eye test.

Sensitive issues such as bad breath, personal hygiene and toilet etiquette are also issues in many workplaces, but are often not dealt with because people are too embarrassed to raise them. A simple poster can remind all employees of the acceptable standards without pointing any fingers.

Kodiak's poster programme typically covers two health issues each month. These vary from hard-hitting issues such as smoking, drug use and alchohol abuse; to advice on dealing with stress, shiftwork and allergies.

Because the programme is despatched monthly, we can cover seasonal health issues as they arise. For example, in the winter we look at issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, colds and flu. In the summer we cover sun safety and the importance of keeping hydrated.

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