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Manual handling: A safe approach to lifting and carrying

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According to the HSE, more than a third of over-three-day injuries are sustained through manual handling.

So why do so many accidents occur?

Overestimating personal ability
Just because one person can lift an item, doesn't mean everyone can. But that doesn't mean they won't try. Sometimes injuries occur when a person commits to a lift before determining that the weight matches their ability.

Not wanting to appear weak
Working environments can sometimes feel competitive and nobody wants to be seen as weaker or less capable than anybody else.

Forgetting correct procedure
Without constant reminders, and when working under pressure, it's easy to forget things you've been taught and just do what comes naturally – whether it's right or not.

Not following protocol
When time is ticking it may seem quicker and easier to risk lifting something by hand than to locate and use a lifting device.

Typing 'manual handling accidents' into Google brings up a whole host of 'no win, no fee' companies, seeking clients who want to make compensation claims.

To protect your employees from injury, you should remember the following.

Risk assessment
Take into account the task, the load, the working environment, individual capability and any other relevant factors. Where possible, aim to minimise any environmental risks you identify.

All staff who have to undertake manual handling duties should be suitably trained. They should know the correct way to approach each task, the lifting aids that are available and how to use them. Regular refresher training can also help.

Professional advice
For more advice on safe manual handling, download the HSE booklet 'Getting to Grips with Manual Handling'.

A poster on your wall is a permanent reminder to your employees to lift safely and follow procedure.

Kodiak's motivational poster programme for the workplace regularly deals with all aspects of manual handling. From approaching tasks, lifting and carrying; to environments, ergonomics and lifting aids.

Our posters combine vibrant graphics and slogans to help you communicate vital safety messages on a range of topics. And because they are ever-changing, your employees will always have something new to look at.

For more information on how our posters can help your employees work more safely, please get in touch.

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