Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Employee morale: The importance of employee engagement

Positive attitude posters
Teamwork posters

Teamwork posters

We are going through a difficult economic time and the ongoing government spending cuts have left many people unsettled and feeling the pinch. Businesses too are facing added pressures, and at a time when they most need to prosper.

Companies and their employees have a co-dependency. While the employees rely on the company for ongoing employment; the company relies on its employees to keep it at its most productive and to maintain its quality standards.

It is easy to dismiss the issue of employee morale as 'management speak', but research shows that the spirit and enthusiasm of the workforce, or lack of it, can have a significant effect on business performance.

Employees who feel involved and valued are more dedicated to improving performance. Employees who feel disgruntled with, or apathetic about, their employers are more likely to have a negative effect on productivity and standards.

So how can we improve employee morale?

One way of gaining respect and commitment from your employees is to show respect and commitment to them.

Be more open
Ask your employees for their ideas and input. What makes their job more difficult? Can they see a way to improve service, save time or reduce waste? Giving them a chance to express their feelings, or frustrations, makes them feel better and gives you valuable insights into things you might be doing wrong.

Be proactive when it comes to change
Take the lead in instigating changes. Some employees can feel very unsettled, or even threatened, by changes at work. Be upfront about what is happening and how it will affect your employees. Invite them to ask questions or voice their concerns. This will help them to buy into new initiatives rather than shying away or rebelling against them.

Encourage them to shine as individuals
Think about what they can do to help themselves – perhaps to improve their confidence or to change their attitude to something.

Encourage them to work as a team
Teamwork can be positive and rewarding, but you only get out of it what you are prepared to put in.

Celebrate small achievements
An achievement could be anything that makes a difference to someone else's day. It could be a kind gesture, a friendly word, an offer of support or just giving someone something to smile about.

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  1. Well detailed article. However there are various ways to measure employees morale. Measuring employees morale not only helps motivate them, but also increase productivity of the organization.