Tuesday, 19 July 2011

How are money worries affecting your employees?

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Last month a report from the Scottish Provident Financial Safety Net revealed that 18 million Britons are stressed due to financial insecurity. 49% of those with no savings say they are 'stressed' or 'very stressed', as do the 47% who cannot afford to put money aside for their savings.

This report follows research published by Mintel last year, which revealed that money worries are the single biggest cause of stress for for 40% of us.

The rising cost of living has left many households feeling the squeeze — and making lifestyle changes and different purchasing decisions, to compensate.

It is well-accepted that a successful work-life balance can improve a person's performance at work. But what happens when the stress of having to manage with less money at home becomes a preoccupation that spills over into work?

In this blog I have referred to a number of areas where the personal and professional lives of your employees cross over. For example, personal issues such as smokinghealthy livingsleep deprivationwork-related stress and basic hygiene all affect the wellbeing of your employees and have an impact on your business.

Preoccupations with money worries or debt are similar. They can cause your employees to become distracted and lose focus on their work, which can be bad for your business. This is one reason why we also include these topics in our workplace poster programme

As our poster programme is seasonal, we can tackle these issues as they arise, or on a seasonal basis. The subjects we have covered so far include:
  • summer offers and discounts;
  • household budgeting;
  • dealing with debt;
  • winter energy savings;
  • fuel economy;
  • online shopping safety;
  • reducing food waste; and
  • budgeting for Christmas. 
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