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Darker days and the increased risk of accidents on the road

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Updated October 2014

In the UK, British Summer Time officially ends this Sunday, October 30. On the plus side we all get an extra hour in bed. Unfortunately we also run into one of the worst times of year for accidents on the road.

Blinding low sun
One of the first hazards for drivers at this time of year is the glare from low sun. Combined with a dirty or misty windscreen it can be very dangerous.

Drivers should keep their windscreens clean and free from smears, inside and out. Wiper blades should be checked and replaced if worn or defective. Dipped headlights can help to alert oncoming traffic.

Fewer hours of daylight
Drivers will be relying more heavily on their vehicle lights and should ensure they are clean and working before setting out. It's advisable to keep some spare lights in the vehicle just in case.

Using lights and heaters more often puts additional strain on the battery. According to the AA, drivers should consider replacing any battery that is struggling or more than five years old.

Pedestrians at risk
In the event of an accident or breakdown, a driver may have to exit their vehicle by the side of the road. Wearing a hi-viz vest or jacket can make the driver more visible to passing traffic and offers greater protection than caution and vigilance alone.

Drivers should wear hi-viz whenever they leave their vehicle – as should any pedestrians in a workplace that has moving vehicles.

Hidden hazards
Hi-viz is effective, but it is no substitute for working lights on your premises. Lighting helps your employees to see potential hazards, reducing the risk of accidents including slips, trips and collisions with vehicles. Employees should be sure to use lights correctly and report any defective or missing bulbs for replacement.

Our main message to employees this season is to 'See, be seen and be safe'.

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