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Paperwork and how to deal with it

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Paperwork posters
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Paperwork is a vital, yet often disliked, part of working life and keeping on top of it can be an everyday challenge.

Here are three simple tips to streamline your office and help your employees keep up to date with their administration duties.

1. Avoid letting paperwork mount up
If paperwork is missing or incomplete it can cause problems further down the line. Colleagues may need it to complete their own work or may need to refer to it in the event of a problem. If it's stacked up and not finished it can have a knock-on effect.

Mountains of paperwork can be daunting, but the longer you put off doing it the harder it will become.
Break the task down and do a little each day, to help reduce the backlog, then get into a daily routine to keep on top.

2. Sort and prioritise the paperwork
To help you decide what needs to be dealt with first, divide the paperwork into the following four categories:

A. Urgent and important
B. Urgent but not important
C. Important but not urgent
D. Neither urgent or important

Deal with the urgent items first, then the important items. The items in group D should not be forgotten but, if necessary, they can wait.

3. Deal with the paperwork
There are four basic ways to deal with the paperwork:

ACT on it
Complete it or process it.

PASS it on
Give it to the appopriate person or department.

FILE it away
If it needs to be kept make sure it is filed away carefully and in exactly the right place. Even one misfiled item can cause chaos at a later time.

BIN it
Recycle it if at all possible, but remove any staples or paperclips first. If the information is sensitive or confidential make sure you shred it and dispose of it correctly according to company policy.

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