Monday, 1 September 2014

Poster of the month, September 2014: The power of ideas in the workplace

EVERY IDEA is a foundation just waiting to be built on

This is the first of a new series of monthly blog articles we will be posting.

Every month our design studio personnel will choose their favourite poster of the month and we will share it with you here.

September's poster of the month (shown above) is about developing ideas.

Good ideas lead to great improvements

When planning a project or improvement initiative, talk to your staff.

Your staff are the people who:
  • deal with your customers first-hand
  • experience problems and difficulties in your workplace
  • are aware of the dangers and hazards in your workplace
  • get frustrated when things are too awkward or complicated
  • understand how your current methods waste energy, materials and time
Their input and ideas could help you develop:
  • improvements to customer service and the customer experience
  • solutions to persistent problems
  • a safer environment and safer working practice
  • more streamlined systems that are easier to operate
  • initiatives to save energy and reduce waste

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