Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Poster of the Month, November 2014: Do you have the right training, experience and equipment to do the job?


Always ensure you are trained, experienced 
and have the right tools for the job

Anything less just won't cut it!

November's Poster of the Month is a humorous one about making sure you have the right training, experience and equipment to do the job.

The right training provides essential awareness

When employees undertake training, they are taught the correct and safe way to do the job. 

They also learn what not to do — and about the potential consequences of doing things wrong.

Training can make your employees look at a task in a completely different way and appreciate the risks in ways they never could before.

Working without training can lead to disaster

If an untrained employee attempts to do something without the necessary training — for example, driving a forklift truck — they won't have the same awareness and they will be more likely to cause an accident.

In fact, untrained forklift operators are one of the leading causes of forklift accidents.

Using the wrong tools can be dangerous too

Using a screwdriver to prise open a can of paint might be okay. But try using a stanley knife and the brittle blade could snap and cause a serious injury.

Likewise with any tool that is too big or powerful for the job that is being attempted.

Kodiak posters regularly cover training, experience and using the right tool for the job. 

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