Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Poster of the Month, August 2015: The dangers of adult medication for children


seen through a child's eyes

Always keep drugs:

  • locked away and out of reach of children
  • in original containers with child-proof caps
When taking drugs:
  • take care and avoid distractions/spills
  • reseal and put away immediately after use

Remember — even a small dose of adult medication 
is enough to harm, or even kill, a child

August's Poster of the Month is one of our household management posters, which support your employees outside work.

The dangers of children taking adult medicines are widely reported. A child could easily mistake a pill for a Skittle or a Tic Tac, with potentially devastating consequences.

These safety precautions may seem simple and obvious, but could easily be overlooked if you become distracted when taking your medication.

Kodiak posters regularly cover household issues such as home safety, security, financial advice and money-saving tips.

If you need posters on these subjects, we have a wide range available via our sales team.

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