Thursday, 10 March 2016

Poster of the Month, March 2016: Are you really hungry, or just thirsty?


If you're not sure, try this:
If you feel hungry, drink a large
glass of water then wait 10 minutes

If you feel better, you were just thirsty

If you still feel hungry, have something to eat

Confusing a thirst with hunger can
lead to overeating and weight gain

March's Poster of the Month proposes a simple way to combat overeating and weight gain.

You don't always feel thirsty when you need a drink.

Sometimes your body will tell you you're hungry, when what it really needs is some liquid.

he knee-jerk response to these feelings is to eat something, but this is depriving the body of the fluids it needs. Plus,
continually responding in this way over time can lead to weight gain.

Respond to feelings of hunger in a more conscious and mindful way.

The poster recommends drinking a large glass of water when the hunger pangs start, then waiting for ten minutes to see if the pangs subside.

It's a simple test that will help you determine what your body really needs.

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