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Increasing productivity: Five easy ways to become more efficient

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As Da Vinci once said 'Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.' It's also true that if you're trying to cut out inefficient ways and streamline your operation it pays to start simply. Here are five things to help you get started.
  1. Check your existing equipmentIs it performing efficiently? Is there a leak that needs pugging? A blade that needs sharpening? A part that needs to be replaced or some software that needs to be updated? Are there enough tools to go around?
  2. Enlist the support of your employees
    Promote a positive attitude and pro-active approach to reducing waste and improving production. Ensure your employees understand why reducing waste is so important and that they know how they can help. Encourage them to report problems early and suggest time or energy-saving ideas. Involving your employees makes them feel more valued and gives you the insight you need to make positive changes.
  3. Be organisedDid you know that the average person spends a year of their life looking for things they have lost? Make sure all your tools, equipment and materials have a permanent home and that all staff know where they are kept. In addition, develop a work ethic where all employees tidy up after themselves and return items they have used to their rightful place.
  4. Plan aheadLeaving everything until the last minute creates unnecessary pressure, under which employees can become flustered and more prone to making mistakes. Encourage your employees to save time by doing what they can in advance. This might be assembling tools, organising parts or preparing materials.
  5. Get if right first time
    Rework takes up valuable time and uses up extra resources. Adopt a 'right first time' approach and encourage employees to check their work for quality/mistakes before they submit it.
If you like these ideas and would like to find a simple way to implement them in your company or organisation, we may have just the solution.

Kodiak's motivational poster programme regularly promotes these productive processes and continually reminds your employees of the need to manage their time efficiently and be less wasteful.

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