Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Safety signs and safety labels: Making your workplace safer

Workplace safety sign posters
Workplace safety label posters
Workplace safety sign posters

When was the last time you checked your on-site safety signage? Last week? Last month? Last year? Never?

Under current regulations employers are required 'to provide specific safety signs whenever there is a risk that has not been avoided or controlled by other means'. This could be anything, from a permanent reminder for employees to wear PPE to a temporary wet floor sign.

Like any essential safety equipment, safety signs need regular checks to make sure they are current, effective and properly maintained. They must also be consistent with current regulations.

You should perform, or arrange, a visual inspection of all on-site safety signage and address any issues. This may include:
  • Checking that all the necessary signs are in place and installing or replacing missing signs;
  • Making sure that signs are clean, well-lit, clearly visible and free from damage;
  • Relocating signage that is hidden or poorly positioned. For example, a sign that is too close to a hazard to give an adequate warning;
  • Removing signs that are unnecessary or display incorrect/out-of-date information;
  • Replacing signs that have become illegible due to damage, wear or fading;
  • Replacing signs that do not conform to current regulations; and
  • Reconsidering any signs that are confusing or contain too much information.
In addition to your visual inspection, you may find it useful to ask your employees and visitors about the effectiveness of your signage. Have they found it clear and helpful or confusing and likely to cause problems?

Kodiak's motivational poster programme regularly highlights the importance of safety signs and safety labels, to make sure employees, like yours, use, understand and respond to them correctly. Our posters also encourage employees to report damaged or worn out signs that need to be replaced.

If you have safety signage to install or replace, we can help. We supply a complete range of standard and customisable safety signs to suit all your needs. For more information, please contact us.

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